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We work with our clients every step of the way through the project development cycle.

{ We thrive to make your designs the best possible. }

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Phase 1: Project definition

Through talking with the client in meetings, phone calls or email (whatever is your preference) we define exactly what is needed through our client questionnaire. This involves getting to understand the three dimensions of project management

  • Time/Deliverables- when the project is due and when each phase is due
  • Task- exactly what is needed to be built in terms of Magnitude, Complexity and Design
  • Resources- the budget, services, materials and equipment

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Phase 2: Project Estimation/Contract

This involves gathering a feasibility report and assessing the right cost and type for the client

Phase 3: Analysis

Project budget and schedule developed and the analysis of further detail assessed to get the perfect website specifically tailored to your business needs

Phase 4:Production

This involves the actual development and will include such technologies as the basic HTML and CSS however can also include scripting languages such as PHP and JavaScript or design technologies such as Flash and ActionScript and Widgets.

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Phase 5: Testing

We thoroughly test the website or design to ensure there are no link breaks, no font issues and that the design works on all broswers and screen sizes.

Phase 6: Launch

This involves actually making the site live or in terms of print design, getting the esign to the printers

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